The Gyuto

Lilienstahl Gyuto Chef knife

The Gyuto describes the Japanese chef's knife. With this type of blade, 90% of the work in a modern kitchen is carried out today. It has a blade length between 190 and 270mm, Special models can also have more than 300mm depending on requirements.

The blade profile is very well balanced between cradle and chopping. The integral design ensures the best possible hygiene and durability of the handle.

The blades are all forged tapered, i.e. tapering from the neck to the tip, the center of gravity is close to the grip, which provides a pleasant handling.

5 products available

Gyuto Chefknife 200 mm

1257 EUR


Gyuto Chefknife 205 mm

1246 EUR


Gyuto Chefknife 210 mm

1360 EUR


Gyuto Chefknife 230 mm

1360 EUR


Gyuto Chefknife 245 mm

1545 EUR


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