For the love of nature


90% of the handle woods are exotic woods which have been the remnants of furniture production in the 1960s.

Why exactly did we choose this wood?
Due to the long drying period of the used woods from 40 to 60 years, the volume change has almost reached its minimum and it represents an environmentally friendly possibility with regard to longevity.

However, knives with exotic woods will only be available for 3 to 4 years from the remaining stocks of these rarities.

In the future, regionally available grip materials will be used that will survive generations if treated in an ecologically sustainable way.

Tradition meets innovation meets quality

We forge hard, cut steels and tough-elastic steels from Austria by hand into Damascus steel for Lilienstahl damascus knifes.

The various types of steel differ, among other things, in their carbon content and are welded together by fire in ingot form during the complex manufacturing process. The number of layers is multiplied by repeated doubling of the steel layers and renewed welding. The result is an unique, typical damascus steel pattern that makes each blade unique.

The high-quality Lilienstahl knives made of damascus steel not only impress with their impressive optical characteristics, but also with their lasting sharpness, toughness and hardness.

Uncompromising quality

Our love for craftsmanship and our passion for damascus steel creates unique knives. Knives that convince through their craftsmanship and cutting performance. Knives that are up to any challenge.


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